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At Trevato, we’re building for the future – and yours. Our people are the cornerstone of what makes us successful.

Headquartered in Jacksonville Beach, we foster an entrepreneurial environment where our team works collaboratively to provide value to our investors, our tenants and each other. Merit-based reward and growth opportunities are the values we operate by.


  • Ownership – accountable for getting the job done without compromise
  • Commitment to excellence – pride in work reflects on the product and the organization
  • Resourcefulness – find, access, and utilize the requisite tools to achieve the end goal
  • Flexibility – entrepreneurial organizations necessarily involve regular re-prioritization
  • Communication and collaboration – necessary for overall organizational success

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Block One Ventures Project Manager

Project development role focused primarily on pre-development: determining location, conducting due diligence, conceiving product type, validating financial rationale, and negotiating construction contracts and development loans. Once construction begins, the role also oversees the General Contractor, minimizing change orders and holding all parties accountable for budget and timeliness.  

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